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House Building Plans – Somerset West, Stellenbosch, Grabouw, Pringle Bay, Betty’s Bay, Rooi Els, Kleinmond, Hermanus, Strand, Gordons Bay, Paarl and Franschhoek.

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ANY new house building and any alteration that adds on to or changes the structure of an existing building must be approved by the Local Authority. If you redecorate your kitchen, or replaster your house, you don’t need permission, because you haven’t moved any walls around or altered the drainage system.
Before setting your mind on a particular choice of building plan or architectural design, consider the following pointers for house building plans.

house building plans


The size of the proposed house will often be determined by budget but other factors will also play a big role.
Local municipalities will always stipulate a certain coverage and height restriction for a site in a particular area.

Are you planning to have more children? Do you have ageing parents that might require a living unit on your property?

Often the shape of the site and/or possible views has a huge effect on the placement of the building. The perfect orientation in SA for all habitable rooms in a house is 10 degrees east of north to minimize the heat in summer and in the cold winter months.

Shape of house – Take into account that the more complex (many corners) the plan the more the cost.

a Lot of themed estates have been rising up all over the country for a number of reasons. Obtain a copy of the Aesthetic committee’s rules and regulations regarding the allowed architectural styles as they often have a strict architectural theme that owners must adhere to.

The architectural style of a house often bring about many variances of roof design. Concrete roofs (Contemporary styles) typically has no eaves overhang and is not optimal for our country’s generally sunny conditions and rooms could often be very hot. Consider having larger overhangs which can be done without compromising the style.
Consider the size of the window openings. Windows can be wood, steel, aluminium, top-hung, side-hung, sliding etc. in the end the style of the house will mostly influence the type of window.

Walls can be facebrick, plastered, stone walls, stone cladded, wooden logs, tiled, aluminium panel cladded etc. When considering the above always keep in mind the time and costs of maintenance and the construction cost.

When deciding upon a particular architectural style, consider the materials that typically accompany that style.
Factors that may influence your decision:
Heat absorption
Availability in your area
Labour intensiveness

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